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1724 Spanish Tonic Water (24 cans x 200ml)

1724 Spanish Tonic Water (24 cans x 200ml)


1724 Tonic Water is premium quality tonic water designed to meet the demand for
high quality cocktails and to accompany super-premium spirits. The name of the
brand is derived from the quinine used which is hand-picked at 1,724 metres above
sea level on the Peruvian Inca Trail which is where the Quinine Tree originates. Great
care is taken to ensure that the best of ingredients are used and this includes bottling
with pure spring water. The taste derived from this quinine is quite different to that
experienced with other tonic waters giving a less bitter experience and a very pleasant
slightly mandarin citrus note. The water is lightly carbonated to give a sparkle similar
to those found in premium Champagne.


The result: A very fresh, bright tonic water which is a less bitter in comparison to other tonics. It’s not sweet by any means, simply light on the quinine. 1724 Tonic is also very effervescent, which gives a beautiful zesty nose and a crisp finish. It’s easy to see how it was intended to compliment a gin, as it doesn’t overpower with bold flavours but neither is it a blank canvas.


Contains Average per 100 ml Caloric value: 164 kJ (39 kcal) Fat: 0 g – of which saturated fatty acids: 0 g Carbohydrates: 9.3 g – of which sugar: 9.3 g Protein: 0 g Salt: 0.003 g

24 cans of 200ml tonic each

Exquisite small batch
gins, passionately curated


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