Crafter’s London Dry Gin

Crafter’s London Dry Gin


The backbone of the recipe are grain and handpicked veronica from the heart of pure Estonian nature, which together with juniper berries and fennel are adding a flowery softness and crisp notes to gin. It's fresh, crisp, aromatic, complex. You'll taste hints of juniper shoots, lime, grapefruit zest, cumin, aniseed, fennel, yarrow, oregano and mint.


This gin is distilled via the pot still method of distilling herbs has been used by Crafter´s ginmasters and their predecessors since the beginning of the last century. Extensive experience guarantees a top quality London Dry Gin.


Herbs are handpicked and preparation of herbs to balancing the recipe – exquisitely handcraft. 


Exquisite small batch
gins, passionately curated


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