Gift Set of 2 Cocktails

Gift Set of 2 Cocktails

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All our signature cocktails have been expertly curated by founding partner and Beverage Director, Michael Chen - an award-winning mixologist, considered one of the best in Asia.

Gift set comes with: 

  • Choice of 2 Laiba cocktails 
  • Personalised message from you
  • Packed beautifully in a craft gift box


Choose your cocktails:

In Love With Rosemary: 125ml, 11.7% ABV

Strawberry & rosemary infused gin, Aperol, lemon, green apple, rosemary syrup


I am Coconuts: 125ml, 14.2% ABV

Red chili & kaffir lime infused white rum, lime, green apple, coconut syrup, egg white


Twisted Negroni: 90ml, 25% ABV

Strawberry & rosemary infused gin, Cinzano Rosso & Punt e Mes vermouth, Campari


Earl's Old Fashioned: 90ml, 26.4% ABV

Earl Grey tea & burnt orange infused bourbon, vanilla syrup, Angostura & orange bitters


Winner of the 2018 CHIVAS Masters China and former General Manager of Eau-de-Vie Bar Group in Australia, where he brought the flagship bar in Sydney into the World's 50 Best Bars for 4 consecutive years.

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