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Rock Rose Summer Gin

Rock Rose Summer Gin


Distilled using ingredients from the Rock Rose gardens and rockery to give a different, seasonal taste to Rock Rose Gin. The challenge, set last year, was to make a citrus style gin using botanicals growing in the distillery garden and with no peels! Lots of discussions and research took place with Hanna, our gardener, and she planted, harvested and dried the botanicals that have gone into our Summer Edition.


The botanicals include lemon balm, clover, lemon thyme, pineapple sage, meadowsweet and elderflower!



    Melissa, or lemon balm as it is more commonly known, comes from the same family as mint. It is a leafy green herb with a delicious lemony flavour and fragrance. It has been traditionally used to improve mood and cognitive function but we enjoy it for the extra citrus element it provides our Summer Edition with.


    A perennial plant grown in our very own geodome. It is a sturdy sage with red, trumpet-shaped flowers and leaves that really do smell of pineapples!


    Lemon thyme is a small shrub like herb with tiny leaves. It is a popular aromatic and seasoning herb in the mint family. As our challenge called for a citrus led gin without any peel, the addition of lemon thyme worked perfectly!



Citrus led with lots of fresh lemon.


Savoury, herbal notes start to come through from the lemon thyme.


Light herbal notes to finish with soft citrus elements coming through.


Serving recommendation:

  • With a wee sprig of thyme or borage flowers and tonic.
  • The borage flowers are wonderfully cucumber like and bring a nice coolness to the drink.


41.5% ABV, 700ml

Exquisite small batch
gins, passionately curated


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