Zhen Gin

Zhen Gin


The heart and soul of Zhen is the aromatic Taiwanese rice, rescued from damaged rice crops. The rice grains are distilled into a base spirit with water sourced from the region, before adding natural Asian botanicals as raw plant materials featuring Bhutanese juniper, Thai coriander seeds and Yunnan osmanthus . The first Zhen Gin was created in an unorthodox medium of a rice cooker. Produced and bottled in Yilan, Taiwan.

Best enjoyed as a sipping gin: neat or on the rocks


• Vegan-certified by BeVeg
• Climate-positive methodology and ethos
• Double-distilled
• Natural and organic botanicals


500ml, 40% ABV


About their story:

Sparked by rice fields devastated by typhoons in Taiwan, childhood friends Terence Loh and Min Teo inadvertently reduced methane emissions, provided support to Taiwanese farmers through fair trade and created a gin infused with eastern botanicals. Taking inspiration from the Chinese character for true and genuine, Zhen Gin echoes
the duo’s unvarying way of living authentically. As part of Zhen Gin’s mission to embrace the spirit of authenticity, the pair aims to spark social changes through it. Zhen Gin is also an active platform engaging in an ever-growing list of Zhen Changers to catalyse social change in three pillars of sustainability (environmental and cultural), talents and gastronomy through a series of campaigns and events. Zhen Gin is certified Vegan by BeVeg.

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