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  • What are gins?
    Gins are liquids that make you happy :) Jokes aside, It is made from first, a base spirit (made from potatoes, wine, wheat, etc). Juniper berries, a type of herb/fruit, are then added, along with botanicals that the distiller chooses. The variety of botanicals a distiller chooses is what gives the gin its character.
  • How do I drink gin?
    So many ways! Great gins are amazing just over ice, but if you're just getting started, gins go great in fruit juices (cold pressed juices are nice pairings with gin), and quality tonics.
  • How do I pair gins with tonics?
    It's highly recommended that you use a premium tonic, e.g. fever tree, east imperial, folkington, that matches with the gins' flavour profile. e.g. Indian tonic with saffron gin, a savoury gin with a mediterranion tonic. When in doubt, a standard light tonic always works!
  • Do you have a physical store?
    We wish! Right now we're purely online as it helps keep costs low for you as well! We regularly participate in pop-ups, and our gins are in a number of bottle shops in Singapore :)
  • Will gins give me a headache?
    It really depends on your body makeup, but in general the purer the spirit (the more times it is distilled), the more alcohol derivatives that give you headaches and hangovers, are removed. Generally, commercial gins would give you a bigger hangover. Good gins typically will not (well unless you mix drinks of course!)
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