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Personal Recommendations

Leah's Recommendations

Go-to gins:

Easy to drink gins, floral, oily mouthfeel, savoury like olives, herb-like, sometimes fruity

I know the in-person touch is a little difficult to do online, so I'd really love to provide the best possible gin experience for you! 

Of the 100+ gins to choose from, here are some of my favourites:


  • I really enjoy the Earl Grey Lavender gin for its floral-ness. It's very refreshing for a hot day;

  • I enjoy gins with an extra oily and herb like savoury mouthfeel, like the Sabatini, Gin Mare, Gunroom, Wasabi;

  • Semi-fruity part complex ones on the top of my list are Sun-kissed Strawberry, Blood Orange (highly refreshing), and Le Gin

  • Nordic gins are pretty nice because of the botanicals native to its area. An absolute fave is the Baraksten (prominent blueberries, complex, and oily) and Bergslagen


These are just some of my favourites that I really enjoy and drink on a regular basis. Pairing it with the right tonics can also be slightly trickier. But if you're stuck with a couple of options, feel free to drop me a Whatsapp at 9338 8217. 


I hope that I could help you make the best decision without physically being next to you!

Su's Recommendations

Go-to gins:

Complex, incredibly smooth, spice forward, tea-based, citrus-y, good balance of botanicals

I love complex and well balanced gins, with different flavour profiles - herbal, fruity, citrusy, flowery, piney - all in one gin.


Among my favourites are Irish Gunpowder, Redsmith London Dry Gin, Animus Aboretum Gin, St George Botanivore, Dancing Sands Saffron Gin, Giniversity Botanical. They stand out for their exceptional depth and smoothness, in a class of their own.

If you're getting gins for a gathering, I suggest getting a good complex dry gin, something unique (tea-based for me), a citrus gin, and a floral gin.

Here are some of my picks:

  • Amazing complex dry gins - Scapegrace Gold, Saffron Gin, Canberra Dry, Bareksten

  • Piney - Giniversity Botanical

  • Tea like - Half Hitch, Kinotea

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