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How to pair gin, for dummies

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

It's gin and tonic for a reason, not gin and cocktails. Like how peanut butter and jam goes together, or... wifi and this generation.

The best gins in life are best consumed on its own so as not to disrupt or corrupt the flavours if gin. Great gin has undergone several distillations, with an end result of a smooth and sleek mouthfeel, characterised by distinctive bold flavours. I highly recommend trying gin on the rocks, then paired with quality and suitable tonic water. That's because in some cases, the flavours of gin are brought out with the addition of tonic water, garnished with herbs and spices that compliments the gin.

What tonic should I choose?

There are several tonic waters in the market, such as widely known Shweppes, Fever Tree, East Imperial and Fentiman's. I will delve more into tonic waters in my next post (not gonna be a grannie here). Basically, choose a tonic water that compliments the aromatics of the gin. For example, our Dancing Sands Saffron Gin has notes of saffron and rosebud, and is best paired with a floral tonic (e.g. fever tree elderflower tonic). Regular premium tonic water works as well.

Not all tonics are equal, use premium tonic

Tonics differ in sugar level, which will affect the taste of your overall G&T. Tonics with a lower sugar level and are drier will compliment gins better; not to mention they're also healthier! Tonics that are too sweet will mask the flavours of gin instead of truly bringing it out.

Our recommendation

We throughly enjoy using both fever tree and east imperial for its wide variety, quality and its excellent pairings with our gins.

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