Bimber Da Hong Pao (Roasted Oolong Tea) Gin

Bimber Da Hong Pao (Roasted Oolong Tea) Gin

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*note: only 16 bottles are made available for sale in Singapore as of writing (25 Oct' 2020)
Da Hong Pao Tea Gin is an earthy, floral, richly coloured gin made with one of the world’s most expensive teas and expertly handcrafted at Bimber's London distillery.
For the neutral base spirit, Bimber uses a four times distilled base spirit to ensure absolute smoothness.  Da Hong Pao is a rare, heavily oxidised oolong tea with an earthy, floral and sweet taste profile. Prized by tea connoisseurs worldwide, Da Hong Pao grows between the rocks of Southern China’s breath-taking Wuyi Mountains. 
Once brewed and drained, these rare tea leaves are mixed with our high-strength gin, which is expertly made with high quality and special selected botanicals. We infuse the gin and tea leaves for maximum flavour extraction before being filtered and bottled at a high-strength of 51.8% ABV.
500ml, 51.8% ABV
Exquisite small batch
gins, passionately curated


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