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Gin Description

Blind Tiger Piper Cubeba


Handmade, bottled in small batches, and with a few more turns than usual, it comes with a very balanced character. Unusual botanicals such as barley malt and cubeb pepper give Piper Cubeba its daring and lively character. Juniper, cubeb pepper, roasted black pepper, violets, oranges and licorice appear on the palate without overlaying themselves. In the nose, subtle nuances of celery root and herbs open the taste profile. Floral accents of orange blossoms and citrus fruits dominate after the first sip. The palate is complex with peppery aromas. The barley malt produces a warm finish which goes well with the cubeb pepper, ginger, licorice and cardamom.

Serving recommendation:
With fever tree indian tonic and peppercorns

Our verdict:
A beautiful savoury and peppery gin. Very spice and peppery forward, with distinctive tastes of cuban pepper, a woody and a long spicy finish.

47% ABV, 500ml