Canberra Distillery Truffle Gin from The Truffle Farm

Canberra Distillery Truffle Gin from The Truffle Farm

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Our most exquisite gin yet. Only 6 bottles available


Truffles have such a distinct aroma. It’s a tricky one because it doesn’t pair well with sweet or citrus flavours. We added distilled Murrumbateman Shiraz for a little fruit that doesn’t overpower the truffle. A truly unique flavour imbued with our very own local truffles from The Truffle Farm grown in Mt Majura, Canberra, Australia. 


This Gin has also been specially made specifically for Truffles. It is 80% dry neutral spirit (fermented by the crew at Bentspoke) and 20% distilled Murrumbateman Shiraz. Other distinctive botanicals include peach and chamomile. Every bottle of truffle gin also comes with a wedge of truffle in the bottle for good measure.


40% ABV, 500ml

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