Luxury Lighted Gin Gift Box With Message

Luxury Lighted Gin Gift Box With Message

For that treasured friend, lover, ex-lover, mum, dad, grannie or that someone who just needs a drink right now!
Comes beautifully and cushioney packed in a luxurious box that opens up to an amazing full sized craft gin, premium tonic water pairing, a card, with a personalised message from you.
Choose from any of our gins:
Coffee liquor: $105 Earl Grey Gin (out of stock), Blood Orange Gin, Summer Berry Gin, Juniper Dry Gin: $119 Saffron, Dry, Chocolate Gin, Barrel Aged Gin, Sun Kissed Gin: $129
Gin Descriptions:Earl Grey Gin - Foral like - hints of lavender, chamomile, elderflower, hibiscus, bergamot
Blood Orange Gin - Citrus forward
Summer Berry Gin - Berry like, distilled with passionfruit, blackberries, etc.
Saffron Gin - Saffron and cardamom forward
Dry Gin - Classic spice forward dry
Sun kissed Gin - Strawberries & Rhubarb. Fruity
Barrel Aged Gin - Soft oak notes, aged in french oak.
Chocolate Gin - Infused with Cacao Husk and blended with Rooibos tea
Juniper Dry Gin from Canberra Distillery - Triple distilled, juniper forward
*if you don't see the gin you'd like, kindly email us at
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The collection of gins that we handpick at Craft Gins Co are made by passionate distillers who dedicate their lives perfecting their craft. They're made with 100% natural ingredients, nothing artificial, nothing mass produced and most definitely not commercialised. Over here, we strongly support small scale distillers who produce amazingly smooth gins.