Canberra Distillery Durian Vodka

Canberra Distillery Durian Vodka


Hailing from Australia, the land with no durians, head diistiller Le of Vietnamese descent wanted to create a wonderful, Asian inspired spirit. What better than to use Durian?!


Le imports the durians from Vietnam, painstakingly peels each durian by hand and triple distills it in a home-made base alcohol from Canberra Distillery. The resulting taste - creamy with strong lingering notes of Durian. Unlike the common myth, this absolutely does not cause acid reflux, or anything nasty as the essence of durian is captured during the distillation. 


Serving recommendation: 

Neat over ice, in a martini, or our cendol cocktail creation


Durian cendol cocktail:

15ml Durian vodka

5ml Gula melaka syrup

Coconut milk


Pandan tea (we usually get Pandan tea from the supermarket & brew in hot water)

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