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Gin + Tonic Care Package

Gin + Tonic Care Package

S$159.00 Regular Price
S$143.00Sale Price

Gin and tonic set for the thirsty you. Feeds 10 - 15 alcoholics or 15 - 25 mild drinkers


Package includes:

  • 1x 200ml Dancing Sands gin (choose from saffron gin(sold out), chocolate gin, sun-kissed strawberry gin, barrel aged gin(sold out), dry gin
  • EITHER 1x 500ml Canberra Distillery gin (choose from French Earl Grey Lavender Gin (out of stock), Blood Orange Gin, Summer Berry Gin, Coffee Liquor[-$15 off], Canberra Dry Gin)
  • OR 1x 700ml Dancing Dands gin (Barrel aged gin [+$10], Sun kissed gin [+$5], Chocolate gin [+$5]
  • Set of 4 x 200ml complimentary premium tonics (We will select this based on the gin you picked out)
Choose your first gin (200ml)
Choose your second gin
Exquisite small batch
gins, passionately curated


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