Isle of Harris Gin

Isle of Harris Gin


At Isle of Harris Distillery, we do something quite unusual to create a gin which is exceptionally smooth and luxurious to taste. Each distillation we do can be divided into three parts: the heads, the heart, and the tails. Or, put more simply, the beginning, middle and end. Most gin-makers will 'recycle' these heads and tails, returning them to the still to be used again, but we remove them from the process entirely. It is an expensive decision for us to make but it means we only ever bottle the purest heart, ensuring every drop of Isle of Harris Gin we share with the world holds only the very best of our distilling craft


We work with nine carefully chosen ingredients, each lending their own individual characteristics, and all sourced with our usual attention to detail. Sugar Kelp plays the starring role, bringing a complex, maritime edge to proceedings and we work with local diver and seaweed expert Lewis Mackenzie to gather this magical seaweed from our local sea-lochs in a sustainable harvest.


Lewis picks the gold-green fronds from hidden underwater forests by hand in the springtime before taking them to be dried locally.


There are also eight other ingredients at play, each of which shines through thanks to our ‘less is more’ approach. We have the joys of the best Juniper berries first and foremost, sourced from Macedonia for their high quality, providing the dry gin character familiar to us all, giving green notes of leaf and pine. Coriander seed provides citrus and spice flavours, with discreet orange and grapefruit twists.
Cassia bark lends a gentle bitterness to the mix, as well as bringing the welcome warmth of cinnamon and a degree of mixed spice. Angelica root gives some sweet floral notes and adds to the wider green grassy and herbal aspects of our spirit.  


Perfect to sip on its own, enjoy over ice or in a classic Martini.



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