Kalevala Distilled Gin

Kalevala Distilled Gin


This delicious gin from Finland boasts juniper, sea-buckthorn, mint, rosemary, rose bud and raspberry leaves amongst the line up. They all conspire to form an incredibly fresh, grassy flavour, with Rosemary and raspberry leaf in particular pretty and bright, as loud on the tongue as juniper is on the nose. Kalevala Gin is deliciously herbal and the mint freshness is apparent, but it brings real depth too. 


To make Kalevala Gin, botanicals are added to neutral grain spirit up to 36 hours ahead of distillation, whilst others – the more delicate, leafy ones presumably – go in 12 hours ahead of distillation. Each distillation is done on low heat over a 12-hour period, with each batch producing 500 bottles once cut down to its ABV of 46.3%.


500ml, 46.3% ABV

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