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London No. 1 Sherry Gin

London No. 1 Sherry Gin


Limited release, Sherry Cask aged London No1 gin is the latest release from this category leading spirit brand. The London No1 is matured for 3 months in Jerez, Spain, in Sherry casks which have been previously used to age the world’s leading Fino wine brand, Tío Pepe. This exceptional process gives the gin its rich, pale golden colour, which is completely natural, thanks to the interaction of the oak staves and the liquid.


The development of the gin in cask imbues the gin with distinctive hints of oak and Sherry, which mix delicately with the original notes of juniper and the botanical flavours of the original gin. Maturation in Sherry casks gives it a subtle complexity and velvety smoothness which intrigues and enchants.

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