Add a gift box

Add a gift box


*only applicable for orders above $49


Add a gift box to any order you purchase. Kindly indicate which items you'd like us to add in the gift box.


Choose from 4 kinds: 

Kraft Gift Box - $8

Luxury Lighted Gift Box - $19

Solid Wooden Slab with Hatch Gift Box - $23


Luxury Lighted Gift Box:

Comes beautifully and cushioney packed in a luxurious box that opens to twinkly fairy lights and a card with dehydrated flowers.


Solid Wooden Slab with Hatch Gift Box
A box to keep your memories and gin in - a solid quality, handmade wooden box.

Exquisite gins for discerning tastebuds

100+ varieties of the world's

smoothest, sophisticated, unique gins.


Fancy a Wasabi gin?

CraftGins_Distilleryshot (1).jpg
From seed to bottle

Made in small-batches by passionate distillers from over 20 countries

100% natural ingredients, nothing artificial, nothing mass produced and most definitely not commercialised.

Personalised recommendations

Text us and we'll recommend the perfect gin for you, personalised to your taste profile.

We recognise that taste is subjective and would want you to get only what you'll enjoy