Cambridge Distillery Japanese Gin

Cambridge Distillery Japanese Gin


The world's first gin to focus solely on Japanese botanicals; our Master Distiller became enamoured with these exciting and unusual flavours, which were only accessible because of Cambridge Distillery's low-temperature distillation processes.


Japanese Gin is made using six botanicals: juniper, shiso leaf, sesame seeds, cucumber, sansho and yuzu: each distilled individually in a vacuum, then blended together for exceptional purity of flavour. Serve long with an equally delicate tonic, and garnish with a fan of crisp green apple.


    Each bottle of Japanese Gin is screen-printed by hand here in Cambridge: our Distillery Dog Darcy, found on every bottle of gin we produce, faces to the right on Japanese Gin – as facing "forward" is considered more fortuitous in Japanese culture.


    700ml, 42% ABV


    The first of its kind

    Our Japanese Gin was the first ever spirit to use entirely Japanese botanicals. Upon its launch in 2014 it was internationally applauded, and won a host of spirits awards for its delicate and exquisitely-balanced flavours. The critical acclaim did not go unnoticed: Japanese gin creators were inspired by our spirit to experiment themselves, which has resulted in the thriving industry we see in Japan today.


    We’re obsessive about creating outstanding gins. We believe that the way to achieve the finest flavours is to start with the freshest ingredients. We distill each of them individually – temperature, timing and pressure are just three of the nine variables that we tailor to each and every botanical to get the perfect flavour. We then expertly blend these individual distillates into a harmonious whole.

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