Hojicha (Sado) Gin

Hojicha (Sado) Gin

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Launched in 2020, Sadō is distilled in small batches with Hojicha roasted green tea from Japan, grown in the Okumikawa region on a single small estate that also grows tea for the Emperor of Japan. 'Sadō' is a Japanese word meaning 'The Way of Tea' and refers to the ancient Japanese tradition of tea ceremonies. 


After searching Japan for the best quality Hojicha tea we found a small plantation in Okumikawa that produced a remarkable tea. Many of the tea trees on the farm are over 100 years old and they have made teas for the Emperor of Japan for almost 40 years. 


The tea flavours are layered with citrus, lemongrass, floral elderflower and pink pepper spice, which are well-balanced and harmonise with the tea notes for a contemporary profile. There's structure and depth without being overcomplicated, and the mouthfeel is enjoyably smooth. With tonic water the gin clouds and the elderflower, orange and lemongrass characters are elevated, with orange peel or lemon making for ideal garnish starting points.


Aroma; Juniper, citrus-y, black tea leaves, on the palette, initial hojicha roasted tea leaves and piney juniper with a citrus at the back palette.


Serving Suggestion: 

Great with sake, or mixed with quality light tonic and hojicha or green tea.


500ml, 46% ABV

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