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Canberra Distillery Summer Berry Gin

Canberra Distillery Summer Berry Gin


This gin celebrates all the summer fruits. More than 30 different botanicals from berries to stone fruit and with a lingering passionfruit end. It also includes native botanicals sourced from Braidwood and Tarago including Strawberry Gum, Wattle Seed and Lemon Myrtle. This is intended to match the summer palate. 


Made from a house made neutral spirit from vinyards in Canberra, triple distilled to ensure extra smoothness. Distillation via column distillation, it helps to protect and impart the nature of the otherwise volatile summer berries. 


Our verdict: Light, refreshing and full of berries. Lovely enjoyed straight, in a gin and tonic or Martini.

Exquisite small batch
gins, passionately curated


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