Hobbs Cape Dry Gin

Hobbs Cape Dry Gin


Hobbs Cape Dry Gin is a fresh interpretation of a classic style dry gin. Distilled with traditional gin botanicals and spices, it is fragrant and spicy, with fresh citrus and lemongrass flavours that are rounded off with gentle spices.


Distilled by Hope Distillery from cane neutral spirit with natural botanicals including juniper, coriander, angelica root, lemongrass, spices and lime leaves.




About Hope Distillery
Hope Distillery is constantly experimenting and striving for excellence, mixing up new ideas and honing our unique formulas in our custom-built distillery.Our spirits are conceptualised by Lucy Beard and then perfected in our stills, Mildred, Mouma, Maude and Mad Mary, which are named after Lucy and co-founder Leigh Lisk’s grandmothers. Our team and stills work tirelessly to ensure maximum smoothness is achieved in all our batches.Hope Distillery is the proud owner of the first stills ever to be licensed by the City of Cape Town, making us the city’s original small batch distillery. Numbered 001 and 002, the stills are known as Mildred (a stainless steel pot still) and Maude (originally a stainless steel column still, and now adapted to be used for gin). As our business expanded, we added a further stainless pot still, Mouma, and a beautiful hybrid copper still, Mad Mary.


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