Party Pack Bundle Deal

Party Pack Bundle Deal

S$229.00 Regular Price
S$199.00Sale Price
Choose from 2 different premium gins. Includes 4 x 200ml bottles of premium tonic 
Select 2 Gins from the dropdown:
1. Saffron Gin
2. Chocolate Gin
3. Wasabi Gin (+$7)
4. Earl Grey Gin
5. Blood Orange Gin
6. Dancing Sands Dry Gin
7. Canberra Distillery Dry Gin
8. Dancing Sands Barrel Aged Gin
9. Dancing Sands Sun Kissed (Strawberry) Gin
10. Summer Berry Gin
Exquisite gins for discerning tastebuds

100+ varieties of the world's

smoothest, sophisticated, unique gins.


Fancy a Wasabi gin?